BGSU's Only food delivery service

We are Bowling Green, Ohio’s food delivery service We deliver fast food and local restaurant favorites. We specialize in getting you what you want when you want it!


Thank you for a great first year BGSU! We have decided to close for the summer, but we look forward to seeing you all back in the fall!

How It works:

1. Decide what you want 2. Use fill out the form below to place your order 3. wait for us to get there 4. pay for your food and our delivery charge

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Wait! Are we open?! Our hours are:
Closed for the summer
Please Read!
-Please place all orders 30 minutes before the restaurant closes or stops serving food.
-Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver Chipotle at this time.
-We are unable to accept gift cards for the place you are ordering from.
-All orders placed after closing will not be processed
-We are not able to cancel any orders after they have been placed.
Please make sure you want it before you order, Thank you!

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